Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Creation of this Blog

Hello, this Blog is an extension of my original Blog at Art of Problem Solving, which is kept private. I will keep that one for private thoughts and this will be for public thoughts.


Let's say you had to choose one person from two to give something to. It could be a present, a service, or a small fortune. You have no idea who they are except for some background information. Well, who would you pick?

Some say pick the person with the credentials, the one who worked day and night and graduated from a competitive college while other say pick the one who had to drop out of school to help his or her grandpa at home? Who is more deserving of your gift? What if you had to choose a person that has donated millions of dollars to charity or the person who has spent the life volunteering for the community even though his or her service was nowhere worth a million dollars.

Is there some real value of dedication or hard work? Could the donation problem be solved simply by a percentage of each person's income? The world today recognizes individuals that are not as great as other because the recognizer is subjective. Since the world functions very well on that system today there is no need for the true measure of greatness.